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How to Check Your Debit Card Balance/Account Balance?

how to check your debit card balancee

Having a debit card means having your bank account handy. Your debit card is a prepaid card which is linked to your savings account. Every time you use it for cash withdrawal at ATMs or making payments online or through card swiping machine, the amount of transaction is deducted from the account it is linked to. So when we talk about debit card balance, it’s nothing but the balance available in your account. This article discusses some convenient methods to check your debit card balance and all of them are absolutely easy and simple.

You can try any of the following ways to check your debit card balance.

Log in to Internet Banking

Internet banking is one of the most convenient ways to check your debit card balance online. If you’re an internet banking user, simply log in to it. Select the bank account which is linked to your debit card and check the balance or transaction details. If you are not using the service you have to visit the branch and apply for it. Certain banks provide insta-kit at the time of account opening which include internet banking log in details for immediate use.

Use Mobile Banking App

Many public and private sector banks are extending their services through mobile applications. And it’s really a practical solution to busy lives. Besides, with growing usages of internet and smartphones, these online platforms are getting much popular. If your bank has its mobile app, download it and use it for financial and non-financial transaction including balance checks. All you need is a smartphone with internet connectivity.

Avail Phone Banking Facility of Your Bank

Telephone banking is a facility offered by banks that helps their customers carry out a range of financial transaction over the telephone. And you don’t even have to visit the branch or ATMs. You can access your bank account from the comfort of your house.

You can use this service to check your debit card balance. All you need is keep some information handy such as  Telephone Identification Number (TIN), debit card details, Customer Identification Number etc. in order to authenticate your identity. Phone banking is usually handled by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and phone banking executives, depending on the nature of your transaction.

Give Missed Calls to Check your Debit Card Balance

The ‘Missed call facility’ for balance inquiry is apparently the most innovative step taken by banking authorities. All you have to do is a simple missed call to a specific number provided by individual banks. Within a minute or two, it responds your debit balance details through a text message. However, it only works with the registered mobile numbers. Unless your phone number is registered with the account, it will not provide any information.

To register your mobile number you can visit the branch office or do it via own bank’s ATM or SMS to a specific no. This is same as registering your phone number for ‘SMS alert’ service. Banks levy charges for this facility, usually on a quarterly basis.

What is SBI Quick?

If you are an SBI account holder, there is a much useful option for you.

SBI has introduced a new way of helping its customers with their debit card balance inquiry. There is an app called “SBI Quick” that enables its customer carry out a number of banking service just by giving missed calls or sending SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers. The services offered by Quick app include balance enquiry, mini statement, ATM card blocking, loan inquiry.

The SBI Quick is available on individual app stores of Android, iOS and blaskberry. Once installed and registered, you can use the app without internet connection. You can send SMS or give missed calls for your desired services.

Send SMS to SMS Banking Number

With SMS Banking Service you can easily access your account and check your debit card balance irrespective of your mobile service provider. Although it involves charges applicable to individual mobile service providers, you don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to use this facility. Simply an SMS with a specific code is to be sent from your registered mobile number to a specific number provided by your bank.

For example, if you have an account in Oriental Bank of Commerce

for account balance:Type ” ACBAL<space>14 digit account number” and send it to 9915622622 and for mini statement just replace “ACBAL” with “STM”. But make sure you using the registered mobile number for this purpose.

Update your Passbook or Get Your Account Statement

On a traditional note, you can update your savings passbook to check you debit card balance and transaction details. Apart from this, you can request an account statement online sent to your email id.

Usually banks email the monthly transaction statement to the customers who use net banking facility.

Insert your Debit Card at ATMs

You can also use ATMs to check your debit card balance. Insert your debit card in the ATM machine and follow the instructions flashing on the screen and choose balance enquiry.

However, you should also consider the ATM transaction charges. The charges may apply when the number of ATM transaction crosses the free ATM transaction limit.

These are some simple ways to check your debit card balance. However depending on your bank’s own policies regarding service charge and your account type, you may have to bear some charges for using some of these methods. So I request you to have adequate information from your bank about the charges.

At the same time stay alert with your debit card usage in order to protect your hard earned money.

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